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Coming from Palm Beach, Florida “Bonzilla300Plus”

Started rapping and writing at 12 years old , recorded his first song called “Bottom Line” at the age of 13 years old. “Bonzilla300Plus” joined his first group called “Ghost Mafia” he only completed two projects with the group then eventually ventured off and continued his solo career. “Bonzilla300Plus” participated In countless shows and festivals and has opened up for many artist on all levels. In 2010 “Bonzilla300Plus” started up his own Independent record company with Business Partner / Producer J-tonik. In the last five years “Bonzilla300Plus” has been trying to break Into the Industry as a writer and producer, by pitching ideas to artist all Across the Globe. During that time he used some of the material and complied it into two mix tapes . One Mixtape titled “Direct Deposit” and the other “Guilty By Association”. His first Mixtape “The Kode” Of 2019 Is set to release In September, with lead Single “4k”. Following up with Another Tape In December which is still Untitled. “Bonzilla300Plus” Is working on his EP now, and believes it will set the tone and pace for his successful career to come moving forward. “Bonzilla300Plus” is putting in the ground work with his two mixtapes to set up the Big Bang with his EP in 2020.