Meet "Vitaly"



A Talented Russian Film Producer & Photographer from a city called “Yekaterinburg” , Vitaly specializes in commercial videos & music videos.

Vitaly has a hobby in creating videos for YouTube, he has his own company called Kangaroo Media.

He got started by making a rap video for a friend

“Goody” - Cult of Nature , then started with commercial videos for small businesses.

Through Instagram Vitaly , has managed to get jobs for his work all over the world, editing and doing special effects.

Doing Business over seas Vitaly, has had a few let downs with artist not paying him after he completed the job.

Viatly Mentioned a rapper named “Ronny Racks” promised to pay him $75 dollars but never did and eventually blocked him from Instagram

Vitaly is highly interested in working internationally with artist for special effects and editing for music videos..